Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer is SIZZLING Hot here in Texas!!! time to come back in and Craft.

The Last few months I have been so busy I felt I barely had time to breath. (note to self)"I am NOT Wonder Woman!!! But she did have those cool bracelets... My daughter was preparing for her high school graduation. I needed to get the yard, and house in order for company and a party.  If I weren't busy enough, I was baby sitting and trying to fix up a house we just bought to rent out. On top of that it was garden season and after the hike in veggie prices I vowed to grow my own delicious veggies.. I was very diligent and get my garden planted early. I did everything I was supposed to then suddenly in April we started getting 90 degree temps. Its the end of June and we have nearly seen a month of 3 digit weather. Of course blossoms drop and fruit fails and bugs go crazy. Im hoping to replant in August and hope for a fall garden. So with that sizzling heat searing me like a steak on the grill, its time to turn my focus back into my crafting room.  Before it got so hot, I was working on some Garden Art as well. I recently made a gazing ball from a bowling ball using marbles, silicone and a ball. I did a search and wanted some cool garden art made from junk and found a new passion in glass. Glass totem poles or Glass Topiaries made from stacking cut glass, and of course my ever so cool gazing bowling balls. I will try soon to get some of my yard art posted.

Now back to my Scraproom. First, time to sort, organize and declutter... setting aside what I will use for teaching class and what I want to donate.  I found some new papers the other day I couldn't wait to use by my minds eye. Its the Lost and found collection. This is so beautiful and sparkly and so vintage. LOVE IT!!!

I also will be preparing for a class at the Senior Center teaching lightbulb ornaments. The theme is Christmas in July. I can't wait to show them. I saw this idea at  the first brown and pink layout is using my minds eye lost and found papers...Yummy papers.

Come inside and cool off and get your scrap groove on!!!

A collection of my favoritesboth past and present

Here are some of my favorite scrapbook pages/ and crafts from over the years