Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Peasy Dimensional flowers!!!

This is so simple you can make dozens in less than an hour!!!  You only need limited supplies!  I first want to give credit where I saw this..I saw Erika H. on club ck blog.. She posted it in the tips and tricks section. I fell in love immediately and had to try. Since then I have played with many other techniques.. 

(You will notice that some of the flowers have wording on them..I used old dictionary pages)... I also used various punches..some that looked like a sunburst..If you have a shape cutting machine you can probably cut any circular shape you desire. I have the original sizzix with several big flower shapes I have yet to try.. So many possibilities to try!!! 
1st you need paper...it can me solid or pattern. If you use pattern that has a white back then you might want to color it with paint, ink or misting, watercolors, chalk..whatever you have to color with. 
Next: you need to cut the shape..I happen to have a round scallop punch about 1-1/2 in across. If you only have circles thats fine.. you can take scallop scissors or just tear circles. The torn look will be irregular and will lend a softer look to the flower.  Next mist them and dampen them slightly. Crumple them a little. Let dry. 
Now we are going to gather a stack of four, punch a hole in the center and use a old brad that wont be seen. Fasten them together then draw the petals upward curling, crunching and pleating. Do each layer...Then fluff it out.. I like to add glitter glue to the edges with paint brush.. Let dry... and enjoy using them on scrapbook pages, cards and more.. 
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This  layout was created  for entry for Doodlebug Design team!   (note: The darker dimensional flowers were cut from Doodlbug paper). See How easy it is too coordinate your papers and flowers now? 

 Using some of my older Doodlebug stash in the two birthday layouts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh My Grungy Goodness!!! I made scrapbook pages about the Tri-County Toy Run, Temple, Tx.

As a design team member for Paper Issues I love how the themes motivate me to reach outside my comfort zone. Make sure you stop by paperissues.com and check out this months theme, "LET IT RIDE"!!!  

The "grunge look" is something I have been wanting to try to get away from my usual style. I love inking so it was definitely a fun project to try.  I have to admit, I had a lot of fun getting messy!  With all the motorcycle events I, my hubby, and family attend, I am stocked as far as motorcycle pictures go. This was an event from last years Tri-County Toy Run. The weather was mild in comparison to 2009 toy run where it was sprinkling and the temps had to be like 17 degrees, my knees and face were numb from the cold after just a few miles. This year I braved taking my Canon Rebel and actually taking pics while going down the road. Over 800 bikes. It was amazing to see and be a part of.
 I used the corrugated cardboard packaging that comes with scrapbook papers and shipments. To get this look you will have to peel off the thin paper that covers the corrugated board. Then I went crazy inking, swiping paint, and even burst of white spray paint.

Some of the "not so usual" embellishments are: codder pins= found at any hardware store. (they look like a straight clip). You will see that to the left nest to the word toy.  Another fun product I used was metallic mesh that sculptors buy to make a form. It can be found in most hobby stores. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the product. It comes in big sheets that are folded up in a package.

One of my most favorite things to use on layouts are "Ranger Crackle Accents" and "Ranger Distress Crackle  Paint;clear rock candy".  I added the "Ranger Crackle accents" to a clear acetate Heidie Swapp clock. I love how that turned out! I added it to brads and inside a Scrapworks brad placed over the top of Ek Success Nostalgics watch sticker.  No, I didn't stop there..I really probably needed an "Tim Holt's" crackle accents intervention, lol... I then added it to the old Making Memories Mailbox alphas, (that I still love). After this product dries you can rub some ink into the cracks.. What I find is really surprising is how this "Ranger Crackle accent" draws the ink into the cracks over things that have been inked.  It's a really cool effect.  Materials in  this layout include: Basic Grey, Bo Bunny, Ek success nostalgics stickers, Making Memories mini market stickers, mailbox alphas, word fettie,  Paper studio Brads, bottle cap, Stampin up Hodgepodge hardware, Royal Langnickle rub on, Ranger Crackle accents, distress crackle,  small scrap of dictionary paper, and frayed fabric.

     On this scrapbook page, I had some inky grungy fun with this as well. I used "Ranger; Tim Holt's ideology masks"  I used a blow pen with markers,  re-inkers, pearl ex powders, twinkling h2o's...  Other products used were: Bo Bunny, Basic Grey, Karen Foster papers.  Ek Success Nostalgics stickers, Scrapworks snowflake sticker, Making Memories Mini Market stickers and word-fetti, Ranger Crackle accents, Paper Studio big bold vintage brads, Stampin Up Hodgepodge, Ek Success punch, Metal sculptors mesh, and ink..

Thank you for stopping by my blog...Remember the kids this coming season and donate a toy and bring a smile to their faces Christmas morning. If you ride, come on and ride with a group in your area for a Toy Run! You will never forget it.  I hope you will get a chance to try to make some grungy goodness on your layouts..                                                                                                            

Monday, August 15, 2011

Want to Organise your scrappy space with found objects?

I love to browze  flea markets and thrift stores for things to re-purpose. I don't know what gives me a bigger thrill, the hunt and seeing all those cool vintage treasures just calling out my name..or finding a treasure and having that "light bulb" moment that says, "AH HA!!!" I know what I will use this for... Often times I will alter it with Mod Podge and pretty scrapbook papers to keep my space tidy. Well... at least try to be tidy.. most of you know that crafters aren't always the neatest people but we try:)

Some cool finds to alter and use for storage are: Spice racks!!! I adore old wooden spice racks. I love Red. I love to crackle paint them a vintage red. You can add Mod Podge and pretty scrapbook papers and make it fit your style for your space.  I keep embellishments such as buttons by color family, and eyelets, brads etc. This also works great for people who make jewelry or bead work.  Some of you know of  tobacco chewers that use those chew cans. Only use the plastic or metal cans so you can wash an sterilize them. This would be great to use if you need to store things on the wall or inside cabinets. First you would decoupage them with scrapbook papers, Put a label on them and affix a thicker heavy magnet on the back, (both positive and negative) glue gun one side of 1 magnet to the can and then glue the other magnet lined up on the wall or inside a cabinet. Of course you probably wont find these in a thrift store. but its a great storage idea. You can also do this with empty Stampin up plastic brad/ button cans.
Another fun thing to find in flea markets or thrift stores are the old glass canister's that sit at an angle usually in wood rack. These were very popular in the 80's when country decor was hot!. I love to crackle paint them as well. You can store stamp supplies, sponges for inking, foam stamps and so many other uses such as scrap ribbons and fiber, glitter glues or more.  Old wooden lazy susans work great for everyday tools such as scissor, pens, brushes,etc.. You glue tall soup cans and other assortment of cans  to the lazy susan. Make sure you alter them before you do this.
One of my recent finds is an old wooden tape cassette holder. I keep Sizzix dies in that and mounted up against a wall. You can also store ink pads in these too. I have yet to alter that as you will see in the pics.  However my favorite find was a rare HUGE map cabinet made of solid wood. It can hold two huge rows of Stampin Up stamps. I am so grateful that hubby took it from the friend who was gonna toss it. His friend thought it would be good for storing tools. Its too shallow for that. I also store pens and scissors in little metal pails I got at target for a 1.00 each. I saw that idea on the creating keepsakes magazine a few years back.    I store my pattern paper in a old TV rolling cart like the old ones from the 70s. My husband modified it and built a box within the frame of it and took out the old laminant that was originally in it. I store pattern paper in upright plastic files by crop in style. However you can use Priority shipping boxes that are about 11x12 and cut them at an angle. Of course you will want to make it pretty so it gives you another reason to either paint or   decoupage..

If you see an old dated wood shelf in the thrift store- don't pass it up.. you can alter it to make it pretty and then put little jars on top to store ribbon scraps and a dowel underneath to store ribbon by the rolls. If you don't want to mess with installing a dowel, you can add a tension rod or wire. If you use wire you can also purchase curtain rod rings with the clips on them. and you can store long yard lengths of ribbon clipped up and hung by color family.

When I organise, I try to think where and how I will use an item. I keep all my sponges, inks, paints, chalks etc in the same area- basically anything you color with goes together- to include stencils, and masks for scrapbooking.  I keep my tools handy and close to work station. Some of the items you use often you will want to have close. I keep bulky tools with in reaching distance of my work area. These items could be Making Memories Slice machine, Sizzix, and Cricut.

Of course we all have clutter that can be unsightly. I hide mine under a table skirt I made. I fastened it with velcro so I can pull it off to wash if need be. If you don't sew, keep in mind you can find cafe style curtains and mount them underneath your table to hide clutter such as totes and craft bins..

You may even want to alter you old ceiling fan. My worked great. It just needed a face lift. So of course you know I grabbed the Mod Podge and pretty vintage papers and went to town adhering, sanding the edges of blades then inking them up on the edges. You know I couldn't stop there... I looked at these cut glass globes and then I had another light bulb moment. The Ranger came in to rescue these ugly ducklings. The Ranger industries alcohol inks.. what fun was this! It looks like depression glass now. If you think you will want to wash them in soapy water you might want to treat them with some kind of glass sealant.  I just love how my little finds add personality and charm to my room. I hope you will feel inspired to look at flea market and thrift store treasures and give them a second life in your hobby room.

 If you have any questions about some of my storage solutions feel free to post your question here in the comment section. I love to hear about your ideas as well. Thank You for stopping by and checking out my blog!

For the Kids... a toy run benefit for kids in need.

Hi Folks! In keeping with Paper Issues current theme, "Let it Ride", I have begun to tackle many many photos I have of the rides my hubby and I have gone on. Years ago, my hubby brought up the idea of getting a motorcycle..My response was, "NO WAY"!!!! he worked on me for a few years. Finally when gas began jumping to 4.00 a gallon, he convinced me of the savings, but I wasn't ready to cave yet. Then a friend came by on a bike and it was pretty I have to say. I jokingly said okay if you get a bike like his then its alright. The next day the friend sold him the bike. (I think I was set up-lol). As part of his nature, he used the bike to volunteer for many missions such as, Patriot Guard, Toy Runs for kids at Christmas, any type of benefit to raise money terminal illnesses, and of course he is a motorcycle Marshall for BP MS 150, "a bicycle-a-thon where they ride from Houston to Austin to raise money for Multiple Scleroses where he serves as a medic for the event. Eventually he got me involved with Patriot Guard and some of the other rides and Benefits.

This is the  first double page spread that I created for the theme.  Normally I don't do multi-double page spreads and normally I am more vintage/ shabby in style. I tried to give the layout a Christmas feel with a bit of grunge look.  I think I need to work on the grunge look some more..  I used a Tim Holtz ideology mask, distress clear rock candy crackle paint,  Ranger stickles,  Ranger crackle effects, walnut ink spatters, and folk art paint spattered. sizzix die cut, Mambie red glitter alphas, doodlebug alphas,  paper studio bottle cap/ brads, Scenic route papers, stampin up stickers (light bulb and banner)

The journaling reads: Its all about the Kids…
Each year my hubby and friend gather with massive group of motorcycles to ride for the benefit of raising money for Tri-County Toy-Run.  Approximately 855 bikes from 3 counties came to serve 20 charities, making sure that over 6,268 kids had a smile Christmas morning.  In cash we estimated $12,120.00 dollars were raised. Toy donations estimated $15,000.00. Totally a $27,120.00 amout raised. The Ride was held in memory of fallen firefighter “Chad Wessels” and fallen officer, “Patrick Sirois”.
As bikes gathered, we were thankful it wasn’t as cold as it was the previous year. The ride went from Temple to Olgesby, Texas. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw for miles ahead of me bikes, lined up both front and back lined up riding for to make a special day for these kids who haven’t had  much in life. I also am amazed at how the community lined up in support of our efforts. All throughout the ride we saw people lined up on over passes, highways, streets with flags waving at us and cheering us on, some dressed like Christmas characters. It was good to know that what we were doing mattered. I imagine that seeing miles and miles of bikes is a sight to see.
Tri-County Toy Run 2010

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make a Splash this Summer!!! Newly added layouts to be featured later in the Shabby window.

If You haven't had the chance, make sure you stop by Paperissues.com and check out all the fun "Summery Inspiration".
Although these pics were from a few years back, They remind me of special times when most of the family was still at home. I love the beachy cottage look and since my kids bathroom is in these colors, I have been anxious to use these pics in the big vintage shabby window and box that I will post later. Almost done with the window, I promise!!!  In the waves layout, I used maya road sheer journaling, found at paperissues.com. (etsy).  Papers include a mix of scraps from=Recess tiki, Karen Foster, Paper Studio. My Minds Eye.  Brown Glittered Chipboard alphas are from Making Memories.  Old Ek Success brad alphas where used on the photo holders at the bottom. Stampin up bling brads,  Maya Road ruffled trim, offray trim, Sizzix starfish and dragon fly both cut in  recycled acetate. One is painted and crackled. I used lots of circles to give motion to the layout. I also used recycled mesh netting, and used large flat sequins to scallop around one of the circles. other materials, inks, stickles glitter.
This layout materials list includes,
Papers: Basic Grey,  Paper Wishes(scrap), Di cuts with a view, Karen Foster.
Other: More recycled acetate using my sizzix star die and crackle paint technique. Stenciled over a large doily for background. Used stickabilities shell stickers and made chipboard with them. Stampin up eyelets,
recycled mesh,  knotted sheer ribbon, Making Memories Glitter alpha
offray trim, stickles by Ranger. Ek Success Jolees sequin starfish.

I hope you try some of these recycled ideas. I love using the thicker
acetate that comes in packaging. You can do so much with it. stamp
on it with permanent ink, paint it, glitter it, crackle it. Ranger alcohol
inks. The list is endless.  So many things come in mesh bags these days.
hams, marbles, etc. These Mesh bags lend perfect touch to fishing,
beach pages and so much more. You can even use them scrunched up and
turned into a flower.. I hope you will try these techniques. I would love to
see what you come up with.

In this layout I did some stamping too. Destination is a Heidie Swapp stamp, and the sand dollar is a Stampin up stamp that I turned chipboard and aged it and modpoded it.  Papers include. My Minds Eye, Die cuts with a view, Recess,  Stickabilities shell stickers, recycled mesh, Ranger Stickles. assorted trims and velum from Recess Tiki bar.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Make a Splash this SUMMER!!! Check out this layout titled "Treasure Seeker

Check out these fun ways to  use recycled objects such as thick acetate that comes in packaging, bottle caps and mesh bags from marbles, hams or fruit.I really love how this layout turned out. I tried several techniques. I painted a strip of paper that reminded me of a paint strip with folk art crackle medium. then dry brushed a lil white paint and used ink to stain the cracks. You will notice this tiny detail at the right of the pic.
the materials list: Karen Foster Paper, Recess Tiki, Basic Grey, Paper Studio, Paper Wishes- Papers. Folk art crackle, and paint. Making Memories Metal frame, metal starfish, glitter alphas(brown and blue), 7 gypsies bottles/ charms, Paperstudio bottle cap. Queen and Co little tiny alphabets that look like frosted sea glass, (i added Ranger Crackle accents over the top at bottom right corner) Mesh bag for fish net. Stickabilities shell stickers. Ink-Stampin Up. Sizzix original starfish, fish die, (scrap acrylic for cutting starfish)
I wanted to capture the look of sea glass with the queen and co alphas. 

A collection of my favoritesboth past and present

Here are some of my favorite scrapbook pages/ and crafts from over the years