Friday, April 15, 2011

Ive been Missing in action.

During the winter months after Christmas, we had a little freeze here in central Texas. Nothing in comparison to what the rest of the country experienced. I was teaching Paper crafting classes once a month. I was set to teach another Snowglobe class back in February..However Mother Nature felt I needed a break. The pipes in the newly contructed Senior Center froze and did much damage. Its now April and I was finally able to resume teaching. I dont know if people found other things to do or if the word got out that classes were resumed. This past wednesday I showed up excited to show a new idea. Using toilet paper rolls to make little easter baskets. Sadly no one showed.  I left my sample with the craft coordinator.. I plan to make more of these cute little baskets. I got the idea from crafts by amanda.. I love her recycled craft ideas. As soon as I get a chance I will post some of the little baskets make with toilet paper/paper towel rolls.  
This is also the time of year where, both of my passions fight for my attention. I love gardening. I do both Flowers and veggies. This year I have tried square foot gardening. The Garden seems to be doing so much better already than years prior. The roses are in bloom and my yard looks like a botanical dream. Nothing in comparison to the magazines, but thats my dream for a full lush cottage garden so dreamy that no one would ever feel they were in the city.  so as some of my big garden chores are accomplished then I will have a little more time to show some paper crafted projects.  Get out there and be inspired by nature.. then when the days sun is too hot, come in and craft a project inspired by the spring season.
Take time to enjoy the season.

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