Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last day of Summer is here! (pics of house flip project)

I don't have anything new to show you today.. The next couple of weeks I have a lot going on. I will try to squeeze in a wreath I'm making out of a paper punch, ink, glitter and foam.. I'm almost done with that puppy. I also have some Super Awesome Pink Paisley I have been playing with that I cant wait to show you. Perfect for the Fallidays!

The next few weeks I will be pulling my hair out decided what to pack and what to leave.. As I have mentioned before, My hubby and I flip houses on the side as more of a hobby. Not ready to sell our baby we have been working on til the market is ready. Wellllll, we bought 3 houses on our street. Ours, our flip and our flip for rent. Now hubby wants us to move into the flip house. Cabinets are going in next week!. Its smaller by 2 bedrooms, and some of the spaces are smaller. Perfect for first time buyers.. I have to say ITS Gorgeous! I will post a pic of absolutely how awful it was. I will show you the pic when I get some updated ones of the after. So we will be jamming into the smaller house for a year at least so we can gut and remodel ours the way we really wanted. Moving walls makes such a difference in layout. I dread this so much. On one hand I'm excited because real progress is upon us..On  the other hand, I'm impatient.. I hate waiting for the project to be done. I like the fun stuff. painting, drywalling, things like that. not the gross part that goes with flips. I cant move my scrappy room for any of it down there. so I will be running back and forth between the two houses. I'm not sure how that's going to work.. we will be keeping electric on here. but my Internet at the other place.. I will feel like I'm living in two places..I guess the good part of it is I can get away   if I need to. On top of everything else, my last child of 7 started high school. He is in the band program and JROTC as well. So between that and games and Uil marching championships.. gonna be crazy for a few weeks..Oh yea, forgot..I have a class or two to teach.. . Oct 1st my sons band hosts a marching UIL band contest called C.T.M.C. (central texas marching band championship). Since we host. All us parents who actually volunteer will be basically running around like crazy trying to take care of all the buses, band directors, bands, judges, water booths. tickets...  (any volunteers?) just kidding.. So if you dont see much from me in the next few weeks..Im gone, but still around.. I will try to peek in and give you an update on things.

meanwhile here are some pics of our flip house... (older neighborhood  house that just needed love)  I cant wait to show you pics of the inside..

what it looks like now, except the door color.
this house was condemned and looked this
way for 5 years. driving past this each day was not pleasant.
This is the front of the house and it looked this way for 5 years before the city condemned it and was ready to tear it down. We thought it could be saved. People thought we were crazy. (front view now to the left)

The Back of the house. Garage is buried by yard debrie that the city
bulldozed up against the house..the left back bedroom roof was collapsed.

Garage door falling off, packed with garbage...Overgrown brush

view of bedroom after gutting
 Gutting the walls, Knocking walls out, moving studs, spraying foam insulation in.. IT WAS disGusting... after basically replacing everything... The house began to have hope again..It began to know what it felt like to be loved... It had to be cut and torn in order to do so.. but isnt that like it is with any growth in life? You have to endure the tough, hard things in life to grow in spirit to get to a better level in life...

Chip was so excited to not only get the insulation in so the ac
worked better, but to see the first piece of drywall go up really
started making it feel closer to becoming a home. 

blown in foam insulation..cuts electric bill in half as well as reduction
of outdoor noise..imagine being in an igloo cooler.. 


living room from side view. we moved walls and added a side entry

Originally the ceiling had 2x4 studs across..They werent done right
we raised the ceiling and added a big beam for support. chip created a
nook as well as an easy access to the attic instead of how they are typically
in the closet for access.  where the window is in the dining room was a door
previously. notice the wood floor.. we almost laminated the floor.. I cant wait to show
you the floors..they are gorgeous!!! 
see where the wood is missing on the floor. a galley
style kitchen stood in that little spot.. the living room was less than half
the size it is now. where you see the back left wall,
we moved that wall.

master bedroom. before we painted the new
doors..Love the closet doors.
view from dining room into living room.
check out the nook above. its also a attic crawl space.
I love this color on the wall. at night it is very rich and cozy.. day time
the color is lighter. The natural light in this house is amazing now.
to the right past the studs was the small galley kitchen. To the left
was the dining room. far back wall was like a den.. the kitchen had  4
entrances???  not a good use of space... 

before we moved the wall and made the living room bigger. your
looking into what was the kitchen and bathroom area

I couldnt wait to see the door replaced.. YUCK...

Randy Sammons and Michael helped alot...
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this was basically after we removed tons and tons of debrie. your
view here is from the tiny living room into where the kitchen once was
as well as a little office area and back door. the layout didnt make sense.
the dining room and kitchen were too small. 
Bless his heart...after getting the insulation and first few sheets
of drywall he could see a house starting to take shape.
This is the back of the house after we re-roofed with dimensional shingles
and tore the back bedroom off and poured a curved patio. The new back
door wasnt in place yet, nor was the kitchen window or new wall siding.
off to the far right is the semi attatched garage. 
Dimensional shingles... nice!!!

We are Roofers too... (not preferably)... Im afraid of heights
and I was up there helping using POWER tools. Love the nail gun.!!! 


  1. Oh, that is simply NOT the same house. It can't be possible. you did an amazing job! I'm stunned.

  2. You have quite an eye to see the potential in that looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the inside!

  3. Holy cow...that looks like a totally different house. You all did a wonderful job. Now I can't wait to see the inside pics.

  4. Great work on the house! Just to let you know, I am a follower let me join...YAY!


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