Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas in July, (theme for Lions Park thurs craft class at the senior center)

I volunteer at our local senior citizen center as a Paper Crafts instructor.  However July's class had nothing to do with paper crafting. I have to give credit to a sight called crafts by amanda for the wonderful inspiration.  These are ornaments made from light bulbs and baby socks. It is such a simple and rewarding project. Most of the things can be found around the house or found at a local thrift store. 

Materials list: Light bulb, (not the energy efficient kind).  rubbing alcohol, white spray primer, or acryillic paint. I also used some white texture medium by delta coat, but you can use thinned out drywall spackle or texture spray found at most super centers or hardware store.  1 baby sock. (i could only find a pack of white baby socks that I ended up dying with inks.) Fiberfill, you can buy it or reclaim the fill from an old worn out pillow. irredescent Glitter glue, ribbon, black permanent marker. black 2inch piece of pipe cleaner or wooden tooth pics. small 1/2 inch piece of orange pipe cleaner.  ribbons and buttons for embellishment. piece of scrap fabric and 6 inch piece of ribbon or silver/gold cording, jute cord would work too. glue gun and sticks. tacky glue will work too. 2EA.- 1/4" size of white balls.. you can find these on ball fringe or piece of cotton would work too. 

1.wipe light bulb with rubbing alcohol and let dry. 2.Then give several light coats of white paint. dont worry about the screw part that will be covered. 3. I added texture medium and pounced it on with stiff brush. Let it dry. 4.Next squirt some glitter glue on a plate and use a brush to wipe all over the dry bulb.  set aside to dry. 5.Next cut ankle part of sock, (ribbed part) straight across.  6.Take your 6"piece of gold cording/or ribbon. and tie the cut end of the sock closed with the ribbon. knot the 2pieces of ribbon together to form a hanger. This forms the beanie hat and the hanger. 7. Next, gather very small amount of fiberfill, (about the size of a small pecan), and stuff it into the hat. Turn the rim of the hat up and use glue gun to glue the inside edge of that hat to cover the screw part of the lightbulb you may have to keep working the fiberfill in..Note!!! If too much fiberfill adjust and remove some to suit your taste.  8.Next take a 1-2" rectangle of the other piece of sock, the inside terry cloth part. and wrap it around a small pinch of the fiberfill. Roll it closed like you would with a burito. Seal edge with glue. Make sure you face the seam side towards the belly. 9. Next bend two pipe cleaners so that they look like arms with elbows. I put a slight curl on the pipe cleaner where the shoulder will be. I do this so i can get a flatter surface to glue the arms to the body. 10. Next I poke the hand end of the pipe cleaner into the muff. I seal the edges of Muff around the wrist area of pipe cleaner. I try to make sure no stuffing is popping out. 11. Attatch a thin strip of tattered fabric scrap and tie loosely around neck, draping and overlapping the arms. I glue the fabric at the back of the neck and just a few spots on the ends of scarf. I also glue the seam side of the muff to the belly area. 12. Now you can add the eyes with a marker. space them and allow enough room for the nose. You may want to do the nose first.  13.To add the nose. I folded the small piece of orange pipe cleaner in half. and I glued cut pipe cleaner ends to face. 14.I also glued two small white fringe balls for the ear muffs at where the ears would be.  15.The last few steps are to glue two buttons to the belly and if you want to add more embellishment to the hat or scarf. you can add ribbon, sequins, buttons..endless ideas...  

I really hope you will try this. If you do, please upload your creations and ideas. I would love to see what you do with this. 

Her is a close up view.

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