Monday, July 4, 2011

Recycle a bowling ball and make a beautiful Gazing Ball for your yard!!!

As Spring arrived, I wanted to add some yard art to my garden. After looking at the price of Gazing balls, I decided to do a search online for Yard art made from junk. I found several places showing recycled bowling balls. This is a very easy project to do. It will take a few days since only one surface can dry at a time.

Materials you will need:  1. Old bowling ball, roughed up, washed and cleaned with vinigar.
                                      2. half round marbles found at the floral dept. or any dollar tree.
                                      3. Clear silicone exterior, (outdoor), window caulk.
                  place ball in an old coffee can to support it. (big can). Then apply silicone to flat side of marble. only work on top surface. cover approx. 1/4 of ball. press marbles down firmly. Let dry  for 24 hours then rotate to a different spot. dont worry about the holes. You can either mount the hole over a rod for the ground or lay holes face down on a pedastal after you have finished it. Try to fit them as closely as possible. if the small gaps bother you then fill them with things like small rhinestones or glass beads.  It shouldn't take more than 4 or 5 bags of marbles to complete the project. It is important that your ball be similar in color to the marbles.  If you want, you can paint the ball with primer. Make sure you sand it well with sandpaper and clean residue off with rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Now you can add any color of marbles and your colors will show true. (I kinda like using the natural marble of the ball to show through the translucent marbles.

Some ideas to try: Mosiac the ball with broken china and grout, mosiacs from hobby store, stones, shells, glass beads or mixture of both set in grout.

Next time your at a yard sale or thrift store and see a ball, go ahead and get it and give this a try. If you can glue, and do a easy puzzle then you can do this.


  1. This is the most cool garden project ever!!! It's beautiful! :)

  2. Thank you Patti. I have a few more bowling balls I plan to do something with. I have it on a old looking cupped pedestal now. I was thinking of having hubby drill a hole through 3 of them and stacking them on a metal dowel and putting them in a urn shaped thing that looks like it hold topiarys.

    I also plan to upload glass totem poles which I did a google search for and found cool yard art ideas.

  3. So cool, I think I'm gonna have to have a go at this one day! Thanks so much for leaving me some blog-love and leading me here!

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