Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotic Party Favors.

This is a fun project you can make with items found laying around the house.  The first project is a Patriotic Centerpiece.

 1)Paper towel tube
2) left over empty ribbon cardboard spool, (1 small and 1 larger).
3) Mod Podge
4) eyelets and eyelet setter, (optional)
5) patriotic papers
6) ribbons, raffia, moss, wire. jute cord=(thin)
7) buttons, and other patriotic embellishments
8) glue gun and sticks.
9) twill. or ruffle lace.
10) sand paper, ink, craft stick.
11) Rangers Inkessentials Crackle accents.
First thing you do is gather your papers. cut papers the length you need for the tube. apply Mod Podge to both outside of tube and back of paper. smooth air bubbles with a craft stick.  Next, cover the two empty ribbon spools with paper the same way.  on the bare sides where ribbon normally lays flat around the spool, you can Mod podge thin paper strip or ribbon around it. Let dry. sand edges if needed with emery board. Ink them if you like.  Glue gun the ribbon spools together. Next Glue gun the tube on top of the tiered spool. Add ruffle ribbon around bare flat edges of spool as seen in the pic.
Most of the papers and products I used was from an older Line of K&Company and and older laser cut die cut, (USA). I gave it the crackle look with Rangers Inkessentials Crackle accents., (love this product).. You can opt not to do this and make it your own. Some of the Chipboard is from an older Lil Davis Line.

Now is the fun part! Embellishment! I like to take old cardboard that comes with paper packs. Thicker is preferred.  Find paper that you like and trace or punch assorted sizes of stars in assorted colors and patterns. Mod Podge the papers to cardboard. Do one side at a time. Don't worry about trimming excess paper til both sides are dry. Now you can sand and ink them. Add buttons, eyelets and wire.. String a few with jute around the pole and have some bursting out of the center piece with wire. To keep the wire in place, first use heavy gage wire or even kabob sticks and a piece of styrofoam wedged down in the hole. You can cover the ugly part of the hole with moss or cellulose.  Add other embellishments and use a glue stick or pop dots to attach them.

                                                           Party Favors!!!

You need a empty toilet paper roll or paper towel tube.
Beads, Wire, Paper, Mod Podge, Jute, Eyelets, Buttons, ink, star punch, sticker quote or dictionary term. Glue gun and stapler.

Basically the process is the same as the center piece except for the top part.

First 2 important steps. Mod Podge your paper onto the tube. Let dry then press flat the bottom end and staple. This closes your party favor bag at the bottom.
embellish in similar fashion as the table top centerpiece except add a beaded wire handle to the top.  

You can adapt these little favors for any them. Just think of the possibilities, Christmas, weddings, Halloween, Birthdays, Spring.. Kids might enjoy a more simple version of this too. I hope you get a chance to try this.


  1. Love how rustic this project feels! Happy to have found your blog and looking forward to having some fun together on the Paper Issues DT! :)

  2. Thanks Patti! I'm excited to have the push to keep my mojo flowing. I made it for my daughter who's hubby is in Iraq. Her home is in the Americana theme.

  3. Oh wow, this is gorgeous and so very festive! I can't believe you made it with a paper towel tube...so clever! I think this would look perfect with my wreath! :). Thanks dearly for stopping by my blog too!

  4. this is so creative & super duper cute too! so excited to be on the PI Creative Team with you girl! big hugs!


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