Wednesday, November 10, 2010

losing your mojo-finding it and balance...

For the past year I have been in a Scrapping slump up until recently. I secretly feared it would never return. I would gaze at my scrappy space and the goodies it contained and feel frustrated because no matter what, I didnt feel inspired. I lost my Mojo... where did it go? I looked high and low, under beds, in closets, and called out to it..but I thought it had ran off. Then I realised that I developed a case of gotta do it all or nothing attitude. Otherwise known as a perfectionist attitude.  I kept waiting for the perfect inspiration, waiting to feel inspired.... thats like waiting to go on a diet- why wait, just get in there and do it...Right? Easier said than done. Another issue I have is trying to do too much at once. I really need to work on balance. My problem is whatever I throw myself into whole heartedly, something else falls to the wayside. I think alot of us are like that. One month I may be in a gardening frenzy, then home fix up, school, volunteer work, grandkids, family and working out at the gym. I thought of making a schedule so that I find time to do all the things I need to do, things I love to do and balance it with taking care of myself and family. I havent set the schedule up yet because realistically it would have to be flexible. 

My daughter Amber on the land thats been in the family for so long. She is a
country girl at heart.. taken in wickliffe, Ky.

My uncle Morris and Aunt Pat. Uncle Morris was told he didnt have long to live. that was over a year ago. Today he is still living life to its fullest enjoying each moment and we are all praising the Lord that he is doing as well as he is. He is a walking testimony of the Power of Prayer.

This is my daughter Erica, trying on her great grandmother Ruth's hats.
Recently, I had an opportunity to do an online crop. Doing this really helped me find inspiration and my mojo. Once I began, little by little I felt my Mojo return home to me. Like with excercise or diet, you just gotta start a little at a time til it becomes a routine of taking care of responsiblities, then myself; (aka: working out), then playtime for me... taking care of responsibilities first; cleans the mind of negative guilty stress we all put on ourselves, taking care of myself, through workouts and prayer, helps to relieve stress and create endorphins which also help mood and positive feelings. taking care of my playtime whether it be in the garden, working on a craft or scrapbook page, or fixin up the house, these are the things that renew us and keep our minds active and fresh. So the key is balancing all these things to keep your mojo flowing. So next time your mojo has vanished- maybe check to see if your overloaded in one area or another... see if you can harmonize all these things.

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