Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Halloween Layouts.

the Halloween 2000 is a layout makeover.. when I first started back in 97, I only had a few supplies and limited know how. I botched many of the layouts using those edge scissors on the pics with no templates to keep my shapes clean. so here is my son Collin in a homemade  costume.

this is another layout makeover. I had to redo it because I botched it as a beginner with those edge scissors and sticker spatterings.  This pic is one that my girls Holly and Amber never let me forget. They remember this Halloween as the year of the boxes. I thought it was very creative of me to design amber as a tv set and Holly as a "Jack in the box". A year later they became a pair of dice, which I dont have a pic for that year unfortunately.

this is a Layout of my daughter Holly the year after she graduated. She dressed as a princess and kissed Zachary my grandson the mummy.  sorry the layout is a bit washed out. I took it with my phone.

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