Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

With my belly full of pie, turkey and stuffing, Im already feeling the push to pack up Thanksgiving holiday and celebrate Christmas.  Part of me wants to scream to the world, slow down. lets savor the thanksgiving season just a bit longer.. Our stores, tv and media wont stand for that because they lose money. Then I look at this pic of my grandson, so full of wonder and enjoying the season.  This is my adorable grandson Kason during last christmas 2009. 

I dont know about you, but i used to look forward to the holidays like a kid at christmas morning. Maybe because Im getting older, but it seems the holidays turn into one big drive through fast food moment. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, !!! We rush around making the season appear  nostalgic and cozy. It seems we are so busy making things appear joyous,  but are we Joyous???  Joy cannot be created with strings and strings of lights, wishlists or shiny ribbons and bobbles on the tree. If that were true, why are so many people depressed during the holidays? I"m not saying we shouldnt be festive and partake of the holiday traditons,  but its important to look at what your doing on your list and ask yourself if it stresses you, why do you do it? Are you adding things to your to do list only because they were tradtions from your past. If you dont love them, do something different that you enjoy.  Make your own tradtions... I know Im guilty of: lets hurry and run through the holiday checklist..Lights, baking, shopping..check, check, check!!! We as a society have busied ourselves right out of enjoying the simple pleasures of holiday. Thats why I love this picture so much. Kason is full of wonder, and curiosity and amazed by simple beauty of the christmas season. Yes, I will probably stress and worry about things that shouldnt matter during this holiday. As I work on holiday crafts, making the cards, I will try to remember that these are the simple joys to enjoy... 

Have we been in such a hurry that we have taken the enjoymnent out of JOY???  So I encourage you to slow down and savor the birthday of our Savior. After all, isnt it really his day? The best birthday gift we could give Jesus is to love our father in heaven, be loving and kind and thoughtful to each other and to savor the things that mean alot to you and your family.  For me, I cherish time with the family doing crafts or baking and singing christmas songs, snuggling up with the family and watching every sappy Christmas movie.
Have a blessed Christmas...
Lana B.

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